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About Us

With the objective of conquering new niche markets, Calsanus is born, which directs the focus to the health sector, with the objective of presenting credible solutions to the demands to which these professionals are daily exposed.

Market research tells us the barriers we have to overcome, and the way forward to reach our target audience.

Then emerge three elements that are imperative so that we can achieve success: Comfort, lightness, versatility.

Following this is the Crew group. Sober and minimalist lines, with technical and flexible materials that enhance lightness and ease of movement, without losing the aesthetic sense, and accompanying colors and trends. With a sole inspired by geometric lines and combined with wide curves and volumes, aided by equally technical materials, and fit for purpose, they meticulously respect the capital concept of comfort that we are obliged to ensure in this new concept.

All combined, results in a very comfortable and eclectic product, ideal for prolonged daily use, without prejudice to the well-being of the foot.